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About Us

About Qaaf Business Solutions

QAAF Stationery was founded in 1988 as a provider of innovative Business Solutions for corporate customers. The company is currently focused on providing a broad mix of Stationery Equipment, General Supplies, Procurements and Logistics, Contracts, Youth and Rural Development. we work products and services to customers who are in need to improve their companies or lifestyle and using the power of technological innovation in uplifting the standard of education and improving the lives of our communities.


is looking forward to the future and to meet every member of the community appreciate the power of technologies for our Business, and be able to use technology as an aid to improve their own lives. We intend embarking on educating our current team to the highest level of education in order to be a local based successful service provider.


We seek to use the power of technological innovation to uplift the standard of living in our community. we use it technology as an educational resource tool, having not replaced the role of manuals or books. We seek to provide affordable, client oriented products and services, with continuous improvement on quality, and promote everlasting relationship with our potential clients.